Meet the Big Big Trippers

A family of three that left the ordinary for something a little more extraordinary.

We are a family who values quality time.  Through our travels we hope to share experiences.  Sometimes, it is not about what you see, but the company you keep while adventuring.

After too many years in the fast lane, we have decided to make a few sacrifices, and a few splurges, and experience life in the slow lane.  Anna and Jeff have moved across the country multiple times on the Navy’s schedule.  There were many places we wanted to experience in depth, but were forced to move on to make it the next assignment on schedule.   This time is our time to see this great country, but more importantly to see it together.  Please take a few moments and join us on our Big Big Trip…



I came to motherhood a little later than some, and have discovered that the little big tripper just gets more fun as the years fly by.  This little boy is my raison d’etre.

I am a physician assistant who loves to work in Emergency Medicine and surgical subspecialties.   Being a PA is the second coolest thing that ever happened to me.    My involvement in the Marysville-Pilchuck shootings opened my eyes to the brevity of life, and the precious nature of our children.   In many ways this event planted the seed in me to unplug and engage with the coolest people I know, my family.




Jeff, a retired Naval Officer and avid fly fisherman, is the instigator, the Captain, and the lead photographer of the Big Big Trip. After 26+ years in the Navy, he really did see the world, but he did so mostly without us.  His wanderlust is pushing us forward. A true introvert, he has an amazing sense of humor.   According to his wife, he is awesome at anything he takes on, including this trip.






A Star Wars and Lego obsessed little boy whose mean parents are forcing him to unplug.  Through the National Parks Junior Ranger program he is quickly learning to love the natural world, and those blingy junior ranger badges.   I have a feeling that by the end of this trip he will be presenting programs at campfire nights.





75% Poodle, 25% Schnauzer.   100% family pet

He is quickly getting the hang of travel, and as a true companion breed, loves to have his people nearby most of the time.   He is a loud mouth, but we are working on that learning to live with it.




The Big, Big Trip AdvIMG_4175enture Vessel:

2013 Airstream Flying Cloud 30 Bunk (a 30-foot long Airstream with a front bedroom and rear bunk beds)

2015 GMC Sierra Denali HD with Duramax Diesel

Airstream Story.  Our original plan for the Big Big Trip involved a boat and has evolved over the past decade. After Owen came along, we continued to plan on a watery escape until early 2015 when we realized that the social options for a young kid on a boat were somewhat limited and decided to change tacks.

We researched and studied and started looking at fifth wheel trailers (mainly for the space because that seemed to be the only real “option” for full-time living), but they all seemed so BIG…they just didn’t feel “right” to us.

Growing up, my family always had fifth wheels, although I held a secret crush for the shiny, silver Airstreams.  On a whim in early 2015, I broached the subject of an Airstream with Anna and she was game.  Off we went to look at the local Airstream Dealer.  Immediately, the new 2015 30-foot Flying Cloud Bunk felt “right.”  Planning on waiting for the 2016 models to be released later in the year, we lucked out when this lightly used 2013 rolled onto the lot as a trade-in.

After camping with the Airstream for about a year, we decided that a few modifications would be required to increase our quality of life while on the road.  Those will be detailed on future pages, but basically involves storage solutions and upgrades to our electrical systems (120Vac, 12Vdc, and Solar).

GMC Sierra DenaliHD Story.  Easy enough–Jeff’s a GMC guy.