Links and Resources

Links and Resources

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of fulltime RV travel blogs or resources. However, these are the sites and companies that we visit often and/or found important while we were preparing for our fulltime Airstream adventure.

Travel Blogs

The Adventures of Dave and Ann, plus Wynne and Mae. Dave and Ann (plus their girls, Wynne and Mae) are now part-timers based in Petaluma, California. Their blog dates back to late-2009 and documents their part-time travels and day-to-day life. They’ve owned two different Airstreams and Dave and his blog were invaluable resources as I was fitting out our rig. They were our first InstaMeet and we met them in the Adirondacks in September 2016. You can also find them on Instagram: @advodna_dave

Alumalarkey. Brea and Shannon, plus their boys Quinn, Callum, and Vader, launched just a few months after we did in 2016. During our pre-launch phase, our social media paths crossed many times as we both researched, dreamed, and prepared. Once we were both on the road, we continued to cross paths with them at various spots around the country (Florida, Texas, Oregon, Oregon (again), and Michigan). They quickly became some of our best friends on the road. You can also find them on Instagram: @alumalarkey and @mr_alumalarkey

The More We Explore. Steve, Tess, and their dog Fender are currently traveling the country in their van and Airstream. Their Vlog is full of great outdoor adventure and Airstream upgrade ideas and tips.

Currently Wandering. Follow the Curren family as they travel the country in their 27-foot Airstream. Their wandering lifestyle started back in 2013 and this information and adventure rich blog was one of our Go-To resources during our pre-launch phase.

Mali Mish. A fulltime traveling family of five, that downsized from their Airstream to a small truck camper and Casita travel trailer. However, I still lump them in with the Airstreamers because their Blog and Vlog were a valuable resource during our pre-launch dream and scheme phase.

Long Long Honeymoon. A couple who started their travel adventure with their Airstream honeymoon in 2007. This video-rich site has a lot of great travel information and is always entertaining.

Chapter Three Travels. Our first non-Airstream Instameet, we met Laura and Kevin in New Orleans in February 2017. Launching about the same time as we did, their well-written blog is both funny and informative and chronicles their travels in a 38-ft Class A with their dog Dixie.


Campsite Resources. We don’t use a single one of these exclusively. We usually rely on a variety of them to determine where we want to stay.

Campendium. Our Go-To resource for finding and rating a campsite.  They also have an iPhone App.

National Park Service. A lot of our decisions tend to revolve around various NPS sites and this is the National Park Service’s one-stop resource for planning visits. The Federal government’s one-stop resource for planning and reserving federal campsites (including National Park campgrounds).

US Military Campgrounds and RV Parks. As retired military, we have access to military campgrounds around the country. We usually rely on public campgrounds (Federal, State, or local) and rarely use private RV parks, but when we do need a full hook-up RV park, we look for Military ones first. This privately managed site does a great job helping us find and sift through any nearby military campgrounds.

Overnight RV Parking. A privately managed, subscription-based database of free (or very cheap) overnight parking spots around the country. We use this website and its iPhone App a lot when were traveling between destinations and need a place to park for the night. While the site and app both lack a lot of flash and polish, it is well curated and accurate. Has proven itself indispensible when we’re on the road between destinations.

RV Dumpstation Info. A privately managed website database of RV dumpstations.

Airstream (and generic RV) Maintenance, Tech, and Support

AirForums. An Airstream-centric message board that is chock full ‘o useful information. Beware though, many of its most rabid users are quite passionate about their Airstreams and their own opinions. It’s always one of my first stops when I have a maintenance or tech question about our Airstream.

Airstream Addicts Facebook Page. A Facebook group devoted to all things Airstream.

AM Solar. AM Solar in Springfield, Oregon was my go-to resource for designing, procuring, and building my solar battery charging system. I highly recommend their great RV Solar Education section. Their Techs are awesome and I spent a lot of time talking to them and comparing various components for my system. I purchased the majority of my PV system components through them.

Handy Bob – Making Off-Grid RV Electrical Systems Work. As the title suggests, Bob’s blog does a great job explaining some of the basics (and not so basics) of upgrading your RV electrical system. I used this site when I initially started planning my PV upgrades.

3G Store. A great resource for WiFi and Cellular connectivity parts. I used them for my cell booster cabling, couplers, and antenna. Great customer service.